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Stowers Media Center
Hugo Schmidt Elem columns
Sligh Middle School
Being a voracious reader, traveler and collector of general knowledge I can create educational murals using my own experiences. Working to translate the school's vision to create a special atmosphere in any given area is my aim. Communicating with the students, explaining my work and asking for ideas allow them to be a part of the project and is a large part of what I do.


My goal is to translate your ideas and leave you smiling.
When working for a business I use my background in advertising to understand the concerns of the client from a marketing point of view.
Then I use my background from movies and amusement parks to use the right technique for just the right look.. 
Hotel Athena Dining Room
Gaspar's Table tops & wall


Sharks Wall Mural
Dinosaur Wall Mural
Working in a private home, I know that my eclectic style gives me the range to accomplish whatever the homeowner has in mind, be it an elegant landscape or a whimsical atmosphere for their children. The walls I am allowed to paint give me the joy of painting with the purpose of pleasing someone who will look at my work for years to come. My goal is to visually translate your creative thoughts into personal works of art.

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