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Studio Paintings

Inspiration in the Sequoias
In my studio I transform my personal travel photographs into intimate portraits of the landscapes and places I have enjoyed in person.
Continually experimenting with color and bas relief, my eclectic style has been evolving as much as my signature has remained the same.

Portrait Commissions    People in formal and casual life; Homes; Pets; Favorite Places

While my own impressions are important, the paintings commissioned by clients supply me with the joy of painting with purpose. There is nothing better than having a delighted client who gives my paintings as gifts return and tell me this is the best present they could have ever bought for their loved one or themselves.

Mixed Media for Sale

Here are three paintings I am offering for sale from my personal collection of paintings. I hope you will decide you can't live without art on your walls and will give these artworks a home. 

From Left: Moose Pond, Yellowstone National Park, Amicalola Falls, Georgia; Where France meets the Sea. 

Please contact me today for information. 

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