Live Painting

Live Painting:  A way of life!  Have Brush -Will Travel to Locations Near and Far

When I paint live, on site, Artistic Authentication spreads my joy of art.

Events    Indoors during events or traditional Plein air

Curtus Hixon Park Grand Opening
The addition of an on-site live artist to any gathering or personal event generates a unique and elegant atmosphere. When I paint live, I include the guests with conversation and explanation of the painting process. With me, you have entertainment and a personal painting to commemorate the event.

Fundraisers   Events to help out or to preserve history

I have found personal satisfaction by making my talents available to a wide variety of organizations and charities. Depending on the Sponsorship, the paintings are either created completely on location during an event or started in studio and finished during the event. Either way, these paintings can be auctioned, raffled or sold to raise funds for your event. The presence of a live artist always draws attention, and I am a friendly guy who is willing to talk and gain interest for the painting.
Gasparillia International Film Festival 2011
Italian Club

Have Brush Must Travel

Lake Erie Vineyards
 My HAVE BRUSH MUST TRAVEL offers you the opportunity to have a personally chosen site painted live on the spot for a flat fee. Here's how it works:
We post our travel itinerary.
If it includes a place you like -get in touch with me, give a simple deposit and I will find that site, set up the easel and paint.  
It will be your painting from when my brush hits the canvas until complete on the spot.
You will receive the painting plus a photo of the painting at the site. 
Painting with a purpose is the most fulfilling enjoyment for a Plein air artist.

Join me by giving me a mission to create just for you. Be an Art Patron in 2017. 

Terry Klaaren Barcelona
Red River Gorge
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