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Train Mural in Nursery
Train Mural in Nursery

Ceiling Mural of Egrets in Sky
Ceiling Mural of Egrets in Sky, Retail store

Faux window mural
Faux marble wall treatment with
trompe l'oeil window mural in private residence masterbath

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From Castles and Unicorns to Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures: Fun and versitle with the ability to visually translate his clients ideas has made Klaaren into a sought-after specialist. His public and commercial client list includes schools, hospitals, clinics, community centers, restaurants, retail businesses and active tourist spots such as hotels, night clubs, and amusement parks.

His fees are competitive and individually project based. No job is considered too large or too small. Klaaren works in an efficient, on time, within the budget strategy coupled with the ability to be flexible to meet each client's needs.

Custom murals suit the individual personalities of his clients. From enhancement of formal entries and decorative trompe loeil touches in informal rooms, to fulfilling each childs dream-room atmosphere- be it trains & planes, kitens & puppies, castle walls or outer space- Klaaren utilizes his unique creative abilities in pleasing everyone he works for.

A respected art demonstrator, he is in demand for his on-location working-mural lectures where students of all ages appreciate his impromptu imaginative inspiration.

"Painting Outdoors with Acrylics" Workshops have given rise to stress-free outdoor activities and the quiet restorative powers a day in the park can bring.

Klaaren murals can be found in over 100 schools in Texas and in Hillsborough & Pasco Counties on Florida's Gulf Coast. His approach to each school is geared toward the students of that particular school. Easy to work with and bonus "on site" learning experience observation, he engages the students in lively discussions about art and the importance of education. Recently his school mascot "Tiger" mural work appeared on the MSNBC "Morning Joe" live broadcast program from Tampa's Alexander Elementary School.

Football Mural for teenage boy's room. 
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