“Live Painting at an event is my favorite thing to do. I work as people watch and my artwork comes to life with the energy of the occasion.. I truly enjoy creatively translating with paint, whether it be murals or canvas- studio or plein air. Order a painting from one of my "Have Brush -Must Travel" painting trips. p.s.- I am moved to teach- come join one of my July/August Studio & plein air workshops.”– Terry Klaaren
Wall Murals
Painting live on site compliments my murals by bringing the outdoor inside on walls for children of all ages- Fantasy or reality! My painting experience in nationally known theme-parks and public schools allow my clients a vast choice of subject matter: sci-fi and outerspace to  castles, friendly jungles or fierce wild animals, undersea reefs, sharks or farms, cars, trucks & fire engines, trains & sports.
Live & Event Painting
Weddings, Reunions, Bar Mitzvahs and any event captured live on canvas enhances all occasions. My next "Have Brush -Must Travel" painting trip offers you an opportunity to become a part of an artist experience. Order your own view by telling me where to paint for you. Click here for "Painting Along the Eastern Frontier" info . Get in the mood for art- order my 2015 Artist Journal  "From the Deep South to the Old West" - with Dor's sketches & photos.
Studio Artworks
"Working by request and from photos, I enjoy creating your personal painting. My studio awaits your commission.
Over the past 40 years I have a collection of completed  studio paintings from my travels: landscapes to romantic sites -view my Sales Gallery - be inspired to order a painting to fit into your life.
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