“Live Painting at weddings and events brings my artwork to life with the energy of the occasion while guests watch. I truly enjoy creatively translating life with paint, whether it be murals or canvas- studio or plein air. I invite you to join my Fall Studio Workshop students to discover your hidden talents. And Order a Painting from my current "Have Brush -Must Travel" painting trip: Stonehenge to Normandy." – Terry Klaaren
Wall Murals
Have Brush -Must Travel is my personal theme: I Paint Live at weddings & events on site (Plein air) to capture the energy and joy. The same technique brings my murals to life for adults or children of all ages- Fantasy or reality! My painting experience on site in theme-parks and public schools allow my clients a vast choice of subject matter: sci-fi, castles, fun jungles, wild animals, undersea, farms, cars & trucks and all  sports.
Live & Event Painting
Weddings, Reunions: any event captured live on canvas enhances all occasions.  I Have Brush -Must Travel to paint for you! 

Click here for my latest Newsletter for Fall 2017 with my next painting adventure.  I offer you an opportunity to become part of the artist experience by telling me where to stop and paint for you in Ancient England or on the Normandy Beaches of France. Custom plein air painting !
Studio Artworks
Have Brush -Must Travel! "Working by request and from photos I enjoy creating your personal painting. My studio awaits your commission.
Over the past 40 years I have a collection of completed  studio paintings from my travels: landscapes to romantic sites -view my Sales Gallery - be inspired to order a painting to fit into your life.
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